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Over 650,000 Finevision* trifocal lenses have been implanted worldwide since 2010 and was the first trifocal introduced to the Canadian market in 2017.

95% of patients reach spectacle independence at near, intermediate and far distances.1

The combination of two diffractive profiles with +1.75D for intermediate vision and +3.5D for near vision offers the patient excellent near, intermediate and distance vision.

This patented design allows the 1st order to contribute to intermediate vision and its 2nd order to enhance near vision. This gain of energy provides approximately 86% of useful light energy depending on the pupil aperture.2


  • 25% Hydrophilic Acrylic
  • UV and blue light blocker
  • Refractive index: 1.46
  • Biconvex aspheric trifocal diffractive optic 
  • -11µ SA
  • Step-vaulted haptics; Modified C-loop haptics
  • 360° posterior square edge
  • Optic diameter: 6.15 mm
  • Overall diameter: 10.75 mm
  • 5 degree angulation
  • +10.0 D to +35.0 D in 0.5 D increments
  • INJ100
Suggested Constants*
  • Immersion A-Scan and IOL Master: A-Constant SRK/T: 118.8; ACD: 5.35; Surgeon Factor: 1.6; Haigis Constant: a0: 1.36 / a1: 0.40 / a2: 0.10; Barrett Lens Factor: 1.78; Barrett Design Factor: 1

*Constants are estimates only. It is recommended that each surgeon develops their own values. Latest update: December 2, 2019

*All FineVision models. 340,000 are MICRO F.

    1. Bilbao R. et al. Visual outcomes following bilateral implantation of two diffractive trifocal intraocular lenses in 10,084 eyes. Ophthalmology 2017;179;55-66. 2017.

    2. Gatinel, D. et al: Design and qualification of a diffractive trifocal optical profile for intraocular lenses, JCRS 2011; 37:2060-2067.

Approved for physician use only. Please refer to the Directions for Use for currently approved indications and information on usage.

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